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NOW LEASING FOR FALL 2019! CALL US TODAY! 512-298-4781 | Finals week is approaching!
 I know a lot of you are probably stressing out and asking yourself how many cups of coffee is it okay to drink in a day? Or, I don't really need to study for this class because "C's" get degrees right? Whatever your logic may be, just know that Pointe on Rio has a few helpful tips that can get you passing and studying for Finals! First off don't forget that Pointe on Rio has a Starbucks Coffee Machine that is in the Main Lobby, come drink your little hearts out while you're studying for your big exams! Secondly, Pointe on Rio just purchased a brand new printer that is located in the Conference Room of the Main Lobby, this printer has the functions to print, copy, and scan! WOAH!!! And lastly, take advantage of our study rooms in our Main Lobby, the Orange Room and the Conference Room are both open 24/7 you can stay in your pj's the whole day and it won't look frowned upon! Hope these helpful tips will help & good luck on Finals! Hook'em Horns!