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Pointe on Rio | It's February!

This month at Pointe on Rio we will be hosting a variety of food events, we will have our usual breakfast taco event held in the office on Tuesday mornings.  If you haven't made it to one event, this is the month to do so, we will also have our daily Starbucks machine open so you can enjoy a fresh cup of hot coffee, along with having a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie to devour. 
We will also be having a breakfast chicken and waffle event, we hosted this delicious event back in the Fall and due to popular demand we will be having it again this month.  If you or your friends have any ideas for Pointe on Rio, as far as events go then please let us know! We would be more than happy to encompass your ideas!  Until next time, stay hungry!

P.S. next month will be a blog about Spring time spots in Austin and how to have a Spring Break on a friendly budget! :)