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Pointe on Rio | Midterm Mayhem!

Hello Residents,

Midterms are around the corner and with that comes late night studying and extra cups of coffee. Pointe on Rio offers study rooms in the Lobby of our building, we have a printing center where we have one Mac Computer and one PC computer. We also have a Starbucks Coffee Machine where you are able to have as much unlimited coffee as you would like. If you are a student who can't study too close to home because of the urge of crawling into bed, then here are a couple of study spots that are known to attract UT students. 1.) Cafe Medici, this place is located on Guadalupe Street across from Campus. 2.) Barley Bean this place is located on Rio Grande Street, very close to Pointe on Rio and Campus. And finally our third recommendation is Arturo's Underground Cafe, this location is close to  the UT Health School of Public Health. Good Luck on Midterms and like always let Pointe on Rio know if we can be of any assistance! Thank you.